How to Get Things Done: a Guide to the Defeated Perfectionist


I have been throughout my life either over organized or under organized.  Most of my disorganization comes not from lack of desire for organization, but a laziness in reaction to being overwhelmed at thinking through the big picture.

I victimize myself through Defeated Perfectionism.

Recently when thinking of a large job of cleaning the whole house, my wife and I both felt the size of the task before us.  Somehow this wisdom escaped my mouth:

“Cleaning the house doesn’t matter… Picking up one thing matters.”

I have been using this like a mantra the last few weeks, and to a great surprise, I can finish a lot more, by not worrying about finishing.

Here are three scenarios and their results:

If I am FOCUSED on finishing a huge task — I quit because it seems too big to finish.

If I am UNFOCUSED on the task — I take too long, and miss a deadline.

If I am FOCUSED on the NEXT STEP — then I am likely to move through on time.

SO, my advice to all of those of us who are defeated perfectionists is: care about ONE THING at a time.


3 Responses to How to Get Things Done: a Guide to the Defeated Perfectionist

  1. jon sauder says:

    i hear that loud and clear. this is totally how my mind works.

  2. Nice Holiday says:

    baby steps…that’s what I say to myself when I get overwhelmed with all the big work.

  3. Sars says:

    Dude, love the way you broke that down. Will keep it in mind tomorrow when I am feeling like my house is about to implode on me and I feel like hiding under my pillow.

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