Funny T-Shirts … Pi – Rat!


There are a lot of places on the web to hunt down some funny t-shirts. There are t-shirt search engines, like And, there are a few well known t-shirt shops that have been around forever. But, my favorite online t-shirt store is one that is really just making a name for itself in the t-shirt industry:

Very Funny T-Shirts

All of the shirt designs on VFT are original, unique, humorous, sometimes weird, often hilarious, but definitely always funny.

I would even say “good old-fashioned funny” because one difference I can easily feel from Very Funny T-Shirts is that their t-shirts are clean. I thing they have actually demonstrated that you can create silly shirts without resorting to being crass or dirty. They create funny political t-shirts without putting down any specific party or individual politician. For instance, they’ll make fun of political bailouts with shirts like the ever popular, “Dude, Where’s my Bailout?” t-shirt. Or then there’s always the Ronald Raygun t-shirt.

VFT gets it right, the way I wish other stores could present themselves. They use funny statements and slogans and put funny sayings on t-shirts, but they don’t push the envelope and make everyone uncomfortable. So, that being said, you can read funny t-shirt reviews on their blog, or check them out at


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