N T Wright and Works Salvation

I posted the following here: LINK.  (I don’t know if John Armstrong will approve it yet).  It is a response to other commentators.

——-My Comment:———

I’d like to respond to the fear that Wright might be endorsing works-salvation.

Wright absolutely rejects any forms of “works salvation.” He has said, jokingly, that anyone who thinks they can earn anything from God, doesn’t need a theologian, they need to see a psychiatrist.

Wright actually says that the Spirit effectually calls people to life through the preaching of the gospel. He does believe that “ENTRANCE” to salvation is by grace through faith alone. But he doesn’t see the WORD “justification” as being the right bible word for ENTRANCE in every occasion.

When Wright talks about future vindication according to works, he is NOT saying that a person who is regenerate could lose salvation by not being good enough.

There is no ENOUGH judgment to works, only and EITHER/OR:

EITHER a man’s works display the fruit of the Spirit – OR they don’t. This is a variation on Jesus’: a good tree cannot bear bad fruit. (Matt 7.15-20)

If a man is ontologically regenerate – he WILL bear the fruit which WILL vindicate his faith on the last day. The last day judgment of works is not set against the faith vindication in life – the works that we are judged by PROVE THAT WE HAD FAITH.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” (Eph 2.10 – ESV)

We real christians can’t ESCAPE doing the good WORKS which are proof of God’s WORK in us in the first place. WORKS prove FAITH.


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