Rediscovering the Psalms – post 1

I have had the great pleasure of being reintroduced to the Psalms in the last several years.

The more I devote myself to them, the more I wonder:


I say this as a son of the church, as a Sunday School trainee, and as someone who has led worship in several ministry contexts.  I  don’t think that we should avoid writing new music for church.  But how did we ever get to think it was okay to conduct worship without any conscious Psalm-singing?

I am not saying that everyone’s service needs to be changed over to all Psalms, or that we have to all be ready this Sunday.  I just think we need as a Christian culture to recognize that we have a whole hymn book free with every Bible.

Please contribute thoughts.  Here are questions to answer:

1) How will we get there?

2) What will it change?

3) How will it encourage us?

4) How will it confront us?


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