Damn the Cultures, Save the Society

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The Zeal of the Lord of Hosts (Post-Millennialism)


Those in the post-millennialist camp want to think that we can save society, that the Kings of the Earth will really bring their splendors in to the throne of the King of Kings.

Other views believe that society will remain at odds with God until the end, that the gospel will save a minority, but one which comes out of all societies.

Should we seek to affect the society around us, beyond saving men?

I imagine that we all, on both sides, recognize that true worship will have the cultural effect of converting people who are in our surrounding culture.

I bet that one side feels like this is “transferring men out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of his beloved son” That is, we convert people out of a pagan culture and into the church culture.

And I bet that the other side feels it is “baptizing the nations.” That is, changing the society.

Both are true, of course, but when people leave godless culture, they do not leave public society. If we equivocate Society with one of Society’s false Cults, then we will keep having to leave society alone. If we distinguish, then by damning the cults of men, we save the society of men.

(part of this was posted as a comment on Doug Wilson’s Blog [Blog and Mablog].


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