We Promise Not to Look at the Board

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Thrones, Principalities and Powers (Government)


Apparently, it’s important that our national financial policies NOT be run by our country.  We should fight for FREEDOM!  Freedom for foreign banking cartels to move our chess pieces while we promise not to look at the board.

The following snippet of a nice longer analysis comes from American Banking News

What Bernanke subtly attempts to do here is take the issue out of the authority of the United States in the minds of the readers and place it in the authority of “global consensus.” Who cares about global consensus, and what he also calls the “appropriate role of central banks?”

With the fact that Bernanke continually refers to this in a variety of ways when attempting to defend the Federal Reserve in its ‘doing business as usual,’ it seems to strike at the core of what Ron Paul and many of us are concerned about, and that is what types of entangling alliances and agreements are being made with foreign governments and foreign central banks without lawmakers or the American people knowing what they are. This, probably more than anything else, is what Bernanke wants to keep hidden.


One Response to We Promise Not to Look at the Board

  1. euandus2 says:

    As argued in http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/12/04/the-federal-reserve-we-screwed-up-but-should-be-given-more-authority/ , Bernanke admits that the Fed screwed up in the housing bubble and should be given even more authority to protect us from systemic risk. You try connecting the dots.

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