Instead of Inventing Subversive Subtexts

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The Bible is  Book of Tales (Narrative Theology)

To the Pure All Things Are Pure (Fidelity)

A friend sent me this good question on Facebook, and I want to answer it here too:

Did the spies go to sleep w/ Rahab? Puperi contends they did. Also, did Rahab give up her “business”?

See Joshua 1-6:

Absolutely NOT (to the first question), and yes she MUST HAVE given up prostitution for the story to make sense as a foil to Achan.

There is NOTHING in the text that suggests that she slept with the spies:

“But she had brought them up to the roof and hid them with the stalks of flax that she had laid in order on the roof.” That’s what it says she DID, out of “fearing Yhwh”. The fact that SHE is a Canaanite Prostitute but BECOMES faithful is in contrast to Achan who though a male Hebrew warrior is unfaithful as an idolator. He and his whole family are damned for his unrighteousness (idolatry = adultery), and She and her whole family are saved for her righteousness, and she becomes a grandmother of David and ultimately of Jesus. Her repentance is the major thing highlighted, but it is highlighted by “turning to Yhwh” as a former idolator. Leave idolatry, leave adultery. The red cord on her house is the blood of the passover lamb, and they passover her house in the destruction of Jericoh. We have to assume the bible means what it says, instead of inventing subversive subtexts. She actually becomes a foil of even David later… Luke


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