Christian Radio Regret Manipulation

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Salt and Light (Public Glory)


Hello, I am a constant listener to [STATION], and I am happy you are there; however, I have a complaint. I just wanted to register with you that songs like “Christmas Shoes” make me feel awful.  I turn off [STATION] when songs like that come on.

The problem is not that it talks about death, but that it is manipulative. I love Steven Curtis Chapman’s song about his daughter. But other examples of what I am talking about are the 33 Miles song “One Life.” It feels very manipulative. It simply is neither uplifting nor convicting. It just makes it seem like our hope is in our accomplishing life well. It is not in Christ for forgiveness, or in God’s direction, but in not messing up so bad that you regret it when you get cancer.

Again, I like you all, and I hope you do well, but I wanted you to know that I, and other people I know, don’t like the death-manipulation songs.

Thanks for your patient ear, Luke Welch

I sent this message to my local station today.


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