Controlled by Desire

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Do Not Hinder Them (Childrearing)

Recently Anastasia and I were talking about church, and she said to me,

Daddy, church isn’t very interesting to me.

I said, “I think it is like that for a lot of children, Anastasia.  But you know why we make sure to always work at getting there and worshipping?”

Excitedly, happily, and heartily, she whispered,

Because of Jesus!

I agreed, and added, “We worship regularly with God’s people, because he told us to do it.  And God is our Daddy.  And when your Daddy tells us to do something, do we say no?”

Satisfied and happy, she said,

We don’t say no to our Daddy.

It is MUCH, MUCH more important to make sure a child is obedient out of love, rather than giving first place to what is fun.  If their actions can be controlled by their desire to love their heavenly father, then they don’t have to be manipulated by the false promise of “almost cool church.”


One Response to Controlled by Desire

  1. Casey Burke says:

    I think it is awesome that your kids will share their feelings like that in a open and honest way. My kids have said the same things. When we are young, we do things primarily out of obedience or obligation, but as we mature and grow and get to know God we do it out of love.We have a burning desire to worship God, hear His Word and to gather with other believers.

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