Hold Onto It Beyond the Law’s Reach

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Principalities and Powers (Government)

I heard the President once again criticize the senate for not compromising on health care.  He said that bipartisanship does not mean one side gets their way all the time.  He said he is willing to compromise some of his party’s desires to get a bill passed.

1)      Who said Bipartisanship is a worthy cause?

2)      Who said we want to pass this bill?

3)      Who said compromise of important points was a valid option?

4)      The president, when he believes things are important enough, declares he will sign an executive order.  Executive Orders are unconstitutional.  Presidents can’t make laws.  So, when he believes something is important he will hold onto it beyond the law’s reach.  Why can’t conservatives hold onto something within the law’s reach?

5)      The critics keep saying that filibustering is obstruction.  Yes, that’s the point.

6)      The critics keep calling the conservatives obstruction-IST. Only as long as the other side will admit in public that they are Social-ISTS.  Then, obstructionists are the type I would want to vote for.


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