Fantastic Sermon on the Sabbath

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The Son of Man (Jesus)

I know, I know… that’s not a great sounding sermon….the Sabbath!?

Tim Gallant, an Elder at Christ Covenant Church in Grand Prairie, Alberta preached this message:

February 15, 2009 “Lord of the Sabbath” (Mark 2.23-28; Tim Gallant. 5.44 MB.)

Tim makes several very important points in this sermon which are not usually attended to when people deal with this passage:

1) The Pharisees are right about the unlawfulness of what Jesus was doing (picking grains on the Sabbath).

  • The Law of Sabbath comes from Exodus 16 and the giving of manna.  It was NOT lawful to gather food on a Sabbath, just because it was a necessity.
  • Jesus backs up his own right to eat by analogy to David’s eating of the bread of the presence.  David was permitted to do what was clearly unlawful for those who were not the Messiah in need.

2) The translation of “the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath” should reflect that the phrase is a reference to Adam and not to all men in general:

  • “The Sabbath was made because of Adam; Adam was not made because of the Sabbath.”  That is, God rested in delight of having made Adam.
  • This is why the “therefore” connects said phrase to “the Son of Man is Lord over the Sabbath.”


Jesus is the new David, and the new Adam.  He is greater than David, and greater than Adam.  Jesus is the occasion for rest, not the subject of it.  We reign with the messiah and we help others rest by bringing them to the New Sabbath, Jesus, that land of perfect rest (Heb 4).

It really does behoove a listen.  Any errors here are mine and not Tim’s.

———–Extra Info on the Preacher————

Mr. Gallant is the author of Feed My Lambs: Why the Lord’s Table Should Be Restored to Covenant Children.  This is an excellent treatment, and one that I recommend.

Also, These are Two Covenants: The Mosaic Law in Paul’s Thought.  I am reading this currently.


2 Responses to Fantastic Sermon on the Sabbath

  1. Alex says:

    Good stuff. Does this affect our understanding of how to apply the S!bath command? Thanks.

    • saintluke says:

      Hey Alex,

      I am never exactly sure how to apply the Sabbath. I am reading that 2nd book listed above. I don’t know if it has discussion of the Sabbath. I do think that I have gained the impression that the Law is not dead (abolished), and neither was it never affected (unchanged). The Law, like everything else in redemption is dead and resurrected. A new law is the same law…only glorified. Alive but transformed.

      I don’t know what that does to Sabbath, but it is a “new day” (Heb 4).


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