Using Thanksgiving to Teach Covenant Renewal

2008 November 27

The Peace Offering (Lev 7.11-36) of the Old Testament was the only of the five levitical offerings that could be eaten by the laity (the people who weren’t priests).

It was an offering we sometimes call “the Fellowship Offering,” “the Thank Offering,” the “Sacrifice of Thanksgiving” or “the Sacrifice of Praise.”

Look for similarities to our Thanksgiving Day meal, and then we will find the connection to our weekly meal at the Lord’s table in our churches.

– The peace offering was a gift given by a person and was eaten by him.

– It was shared by him, his family, and needy people that were in his community.

– It was eaten in order to give thanks for God’s grace/provisions/blessings/salvation.

It is normal for God’s people who have been saved, to renew the memory and awesome sense of peace with God and neighbor through covenant renewal – celebration of peace / fellowship / thanksgiving.

The Greek word for “fellowship” is koinwnia, which we also translate as COMMUNION.

The Greek word for “thanksgiving” is eucharistia — EUCHARIST.

This is not a surprise, because the Lord’s meal was instituted in the Passover, and the Passover, was the most famous of all Peace Offerings in the Old Testament…. A community sharing offering that was in thankful response to salvation and was eaten by the people, not just the priests.

Thanksgiving – November 27, 2008