Who Did Not Want Me to Reign Over Them?

2010 February 9

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The Bible is a Book of Tales (Narrative Theology)

The whole of Luke 19 is directed at an extended metaphor – Jerusalem is Jericho, and Jesus is calling for the shouting that brings down the walls.

The first post in this set [HERE] showed the similarities between Zaccaeus and Rahab.

The second post [HERE] showed the similarities between the Parable of the Ten Minas and the allotment of  the land in Josh 11-20.

What does seeing  this pattern buy for us by way of interpretation now?  It helps us to see that Jesus is threatening the City of Jerusalem and its leaders.  The rest of Luke 19 confirms this theory.  Let’s begin with the parable, and work down to the end of the chapter.  And unlike Achan, we can keep any treasure we find along the way.
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