Fools Go the Other Way?

2009 November 12

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The Fear of the LORD (Wisdom Literature)


I am just testing out a thought about proverbial material, and I think it will help in some instances, but probably not in all.

Can we say that in many cases it is easier to see the folly of disregarding a proverb, than it is to necessarily see results of following one?

Here is my thought example, and no, it isn’t from Scripture:

“Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy and wealthy and wise.”

Counter examples could be shown: slaves might keep a good schedule but never be made wealthy by it.

But fleeing from this wisdom brings pain:

Late to bed and late to rise makes a man weak, and poor, and foolish.  If the wisdom is actually wisdom, don’t we see that fools go the other way?

Isn’t this closer to our immediate experience and acceptance?

I am not sold on some idea here; I just want to figure out how best to read them.