Three Videos

2010 March 4

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Calm Down! (I’m Kidding.)


These are the latest three satire videos.  One features creative dance expressions, one has secret bible-coding, and the last has frustration over the lack of truly righteous people in the Bible.



Snippets of Grace

2010 March 1

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Calm Down! (I’m Kidding.)

I have started a little satire video series.  If you want to see all of them, you can go to the

“Snippets of Grace” blog here:

Or go to to see the channel.

The premise is that Seymour Deeds, Antinomian Pharisee extraordinaire, is explaining Bible passages by cutting them out of good context.

Creative Way to Say Thanks

2009 November 25

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Calm Down! (I’m Kidding.)


I think it would be awesome to practice this line of thanks…
When someone does anything nice… say in a very syrupy voice…
“Ohhhh thank you… it’s the least  you could do.”