Learning to Be a Grown Up Child

2009 December 5

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Out of the Mouths of Babies and Infants (Wisdom from Home)

Anastasia is with me at the table, and I am talking to her about making food.  We are discussing the future when she will make food and cut vegatables and mix in spices, and watch things turn golden in the oven, and wait on things like tomatoes and onions to turn warm and sweet in the sauté pan.

I say, “Anastasia, one of Daddy’s favorite things is making food.”

Anastasia replies, “Daddy, one of my favorite things is….learning to be a grown up child.”


Anastasia’s Wisdom: The Chief End of Man

2008 October 27

We had been discussing the Chief End of Man:

At first I was teaching her:

Anastasia, Why did God make us?  — To glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.

Later, she answered my question:

Anastasia, Why did God make us?


Anastasia’s Wisdom: Crucifixion – “Your Love is Better to Me than Wine (Song 1.2)”

2008 July 2

Krista had the girls in the car today and was hearing this song (Beautiful One – Jeremy Camp):

Beautiful one I love you
Beautiful one I adore
Beautiful one my soul must sing

Anastasia announced,

They’re talking about God.

Krista asked,

You’re right, Anastasia. How do you know?

And now, this reply:

Because when Jesus died on the cross, the blood and wine came down, and he saved us.

Holiness – [Anastasia’s Wisdom]

2007 November 22

Chocolate Face

While watching Prince of Egypt, we got to the burning bush.

Anastasia declared,

Daddy, Moses had to take off his Crocs.

Moses had to take off his shoes, Anastasia.

Yes, his sandals.

Why did he have to take off his sandals?

Because he is so happy.

No, because God told him that he was on :”holy ground.”

Holy orange ground!

– (the ground in the movie was orange)

Anastasia’s Art

2007 November 22

Art AHW November 2007

One of Anastasia’s most form-resembling pieces of art to date:

When I asked what it was, I expected something like “people” or “birds” or “trees” or something else which a child’s art could never express clearly at this age.


So what was her answer?

——————-It’s circles.

Immutability of God – [Anastasia’s Wisdom]

2007 November 13

From the Evening of 2007 November 13 Tuesday, at home:

Pleased to meet you [to imaginary people].

Anastasia, do you know how we say that at church? “The Peace of the Lord.” or “The Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be always with you.”

“No variation or…” what’s the next word?

“Shifting shadow.”


We talk about James 1 a lot. But her comment was “out of nowhere” as it were.

Dr. Jack Collins at Covenant Seminary said we shouldn’t water things down for children. Tell them things the way you want them to learn them… and let THEM grow into the knowledge you have given them.

Depravity and Scapegoat Atonement – [Anastasia’s Wisdom]

2007 November 7

ahw-law-nov-07.jpgThe following is a conversation of Krista and Anastasia in the car (indented and bold is Anastasia).

Mommy, you’re a chubby mommy.

Do you know what chubby means Anastasia? It means kind of fat. [Note here: Krista is NOT chubby.]


Anastasia, do you think Evangeline is a chubby baby?


Are you a chubby Girl?

No…I’m a chubby baby. [Note here: Anastasia is NOT a baby -2.5 years]

(a long pause)

Daddy is a sinner…

Yes Anastasia – everybody is a sinner. Listen Anastasia, this man on the radio just said that God takes away our sin.

That’s right, God Takes away our sinner.