Plundering the Hearts of the Gentiles [Part 1 of 4]

2010 January 28

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The Bible is a Book of Tales (Narrative  Theology)

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Plunder = Harvest = Missions

I had a professor I liked, but who insisted that N T Wright was wrong about the Matthew 13 Seed and Sower parable (in JVG).  What is the Seed and Sower parable about?  The traditional sermon says it is about evangelism.  This is with good reason, because Jesus gives an explanation of the parable.  But N T Wright points to Exile and Return language and says Israel was being brought out of Exile by Jesus and that his program of language and actions throughout his ministry keep portraying this message.  Wright says that by using these terms in Mt 13, Jesus is calling people into that Return from Exile.  Wright doesn’t say it is unevangelistic, but that there is a deeper meaning.

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Amazing Lecture on Calvin and the Huguenots

2010 January 21

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Francis Foucachon Lecturing at New Saint Andrews College

Usually Quite Blessed

2009 December 23

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Read the my first letter to my local Christian Station.

They kindly responded and asked for clarification, since death is a properly biblical motivator, and the Bible is about more than just salvation.  This being granted, I still felt the same way, and this is my response:

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Christian Radio Regret Manipulation

2009 December 19

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Hello, I am a constant listener to [STATION], and I am happy you are there; however, I have a complaint. I just wanted to register with you that songs like “Christmas Shoes” make me feel awful.  I turn off [STATION] when songs like that come on.

The problem is not that it talks about death, but that it is manipulative. I love Steven Curtis Chapman’s song about his daughter. But other examples of what I am talking about are the 33 Miles song “One Life.” It feels very manipulative. It simply is neither uplifting nor convicting. It just makes it seem like our hope is in our accomplishing life well. It is not in Christ for forgiveness, or in God’s direction, but in not messing up so bad that you regret it when you get cancer.

Again, I like you all, and I hope you do well, but I wanted you to know that I, and other people I know, don’t like the death-manipulation songs.

Thanks for your patient ear, Luke Welch

I sent this message to my local station today.