Paedofaith, Paedobaptism, Paedocommunion

The children of faithful covenant members should be brought up in a manner consistent with the covenant; this means they should be assumed faith-filled as well.  We should baptize covenant children, and we should allow and encourage them to freely participate in the feasting of the church at the Lord’s table.

These three doctrines are spoken of as:

Paedofaith – the assumption of living faith in infants born to believers (see Psalm 22.9-10, and Psalm 71.4-6).  [Click here to see my blog posts on Paedofaith]

Paedobaptism– the giving of the covenant initiatory sign, of baptism.  It is a seal of the righteousness which only comes from faith, and it signifies the presence of the Holy Spirit in a person being labeled as in Christ.  Paul says of our baptized children that we MUST consider them dead to sin and alive to Christ (See Romans 6.1-11). [Click here to see my blog posts on Paedobaptism]

Paedocommunion – In the calling of all feasts of the people in the old testament, children of believers were included in the meals.  In the New Testament as well we have plain witness that all the baptized ate and drank from the Eucharist to show their unity.  This naturally included children.  The practice of including children at the Lord’s table was nearly universal for the first 12 centuries of the church.  Augustine discusses it as an assumed truth many times.  Huss called for a return to paedocommunion in his day.  (See Exodus 10.8-10; Exodus 12.47; Dt 12.7,18; 1 Cor 10.1-6, 10.17, 12.13) [Click here to see my blog posts on Paedocommunion]

My desire is for the church to reform its worship and return to the practice common throughout the Old Testament, the New Testament and in the Early Church of allowing all members of the covenant community to commune.


An Important Essay from TIM GALLANT:  A Catena of Quotes from the Ancients

Tim Gallant’s


Video on Paedofaith:

This 20 Minute video is broken into two parts on YouTube – but a single part version should eventually be out on GoogleVideo.

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Series: The Kingdom Belongs to Such as These

Vol 1: “My God from My Mother’s Womb: The Faith of Infants in the Covenant Community”


2 Responses to Paedofaith, Paedobaptism, Paedocommunion

  1. jon sauder says:

    I will admit up front that i haven’t engulfed myself in the research on the topic of paedocommunion. I will say, however, that i have some very dear friends who are big proponents of the paedo, and the one result that i see in common with many of them is that they are obsessed with ‘family’ and the concept of extreme patriarchy… to the point of (in my opinion) sacrificing the leadership of the church in preference to leadership of the family ‘head’. From what little I have read, i remain undecided. But in my last church, the issue caused a schism that was just shy of what you would call a ‘church split’… complete with hurt feelings and distrust on both sides. When I moved, and left my church in Illinois, I had very wise and very good friends on both sides of the schism.

  2. saintluke says:

    Jon, thanks for sharing about your experiences.

    I must defend that an idea’s biblical merit does not prevent people from immature action based on passion.

    In my own case, I went to the other extreme for a long time, and it also could be said to be sinful. I worked SO HARD at deference to my church government that I failed to ever do anything about my convictions. At one point I had been allowed to commune my children, and then later they were barred. I wanted to prove I was not arrogant, so I just said, “for the good of the church,” I would wait it out. It took me two and a half years to decided that I didn’t have the right to restrict my children from the Lord’s table.

    I don’t think my church was sinning in holding to their conscience. I don’t think I was sinning in eventually leaving in order not to violate my conscience.

    I have still worked hard NOT TO take anyone with me, NOT TO make a complaint that blames the pastors.

    Our family’s convictions are important, and so are my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

    I hope my counterexample can serve as an indication that the issue doesn’t always cause arrogance.

    ANY issue of doctrine can be treated the same way.

    Having said that, I do hope that you can feel free to examine the issues of paedocommunion with an open mind to it. In the end, I think the issue is that the Bible DEMANDS it, and that we must not stand in the way.

    Blessings to you, my friend.


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