Do to Them as You Please

2010 January 21

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Do Not Hinder Them (Child Rearing)

I was having coffee with a friend who said something I thought was elegant in its efficiency and vulgar in its insightful godliness.

We were discussing the influence of having a television on regularly in a house.  There are ads, there are attitudes and there are glorifications of evil, none of which do I want my children to know or to be enticed by.  But the force of the culture and the attempt to make a generation be what the advertising giants need my children to be in order to keep the giants growing is not subtle, and it isn’t invitational.  The power of suggestion is so frequent and ubiquitous that such power should not be called enticement, it is violation.  It isn’t meant to get my children to know the sellers, it is the other way around.  The sellers want to get my children.  And me.

Well here is what Will C. said,

Our culture is like Sodom and Gomorrah.  They are knocking at the door saying, “Send us out your children that we may know them.”

There is no room for us to raise children in a way that Keep Reading>