CPAC Straw Poll President 2012

2010 February 20

I received this email:


POLITICO Breaking News:

Texas Rep. Ron Paul has won the CPAC presidential preference straw poll, capturing 31 percent of the vote. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who had won the conference’s contest the last three years, took 22 percent. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin took 7 percent and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawkenty 6 percent of the 2,395 ballots cast.


Their front page article on the  topic says:

As the results were displayed on twin large screens in the ballroom – and even before Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio could announce who won – a cascade of boos came down from a crowd that views Paul and his fervent supporters as an irritant. Paul’s backers responded with cheers, though, when their candidate was then proclaimed by Fabrizio as the winner.

CPAC organizers were plainly embarrassed by the results, which could reduce the perceived impact of a contest that was once thought to offer a window into which White House hopefuls were favored by movement conservatives.


Is it possible that the if the CPAC took a poll of CPAC participants, then the results tell us what CPAC participants think?  Did the organizers have no idea?


Is Texas Less Likely to Vote McCain?

2008 February 12

Final Straw Poll Results

Fort Worth, TX – September 1, 2007

41.1% Duncan Hunter (534 votes) —— OUT

20.5% Fred Thompson (266 votes) —– OUT

16.17% Ron Paul (217 votes) —— 27 times McCain’s votes!

6.4% Mike Huckabee (83 votes)

6% Rudy Giuliani (78 votes) ————– OUT

4.7% Mitt Romney (61 votes) ———— OUT

2.2% Ray McKinney (28 votes)

.77% John Cox (10 votes)

.62% John McCain (8 votes) ——– POINT 62%

.46% Sam Brownback (6 votes)

.46% Tom Tancredo (6 votes)

.23% Hugh Cort (3 votes)

McCain : 8 out of 1300 votes.

Northern Michigan Straw Poll – RON PAUL – 66%- THAT’S RIGHT – SIXTY-SIX PERCENT

2008 January 14

Ron Paul has 66% in Northern Michigan straw poll.

 SEE for yourself.

Ron Paul Wins Saturday’s Nevada Straw Poll – 39%!

2008 January 8

Original from Reuters



RENO, Nev.–(Business Wire)–On Saturday, Republican presidential candidate and Texas
Congressman Ron Paul won the Nevada Republican Assembly’s Straw Poll
with 39 percent.

Dr. Paul had more than double the support of John McCain who
received second place with 15 percent of the straw poll vote. Over
ninety people voted in the poll, which was held on Saturday afternoon

on the second day of the Nevada Republican Assembly’s Presidential
Endorsing Convention. The straw poll was open to the public.

“Ron Paul supporters showed their dedication by coming out to vote
in the middle of a snow storm,” said Jennifer Terhune, a Nevada-based
spokeswoman for the Ron Paul campaign. “Dr. Paul’s message of freedom,
peace and prosperity is resonating with Nevadans.”

The Ron Paul campaign has over two hundred and thirty registered
volunteers in the Reno area, as well as over six hundred in Las Vegas.

Ron Paul has had other recent straw poll victories in northern
Nevada. He won the Conservative Leadership Conference straw poll last
October with 32% of the vote, and a Washoe County Republican Party
straw poll in the same month with an overwhelming 41% of support from
local Republicans.

Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee
Jesse Benton, 703-248-9115

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