Baptism as a Purity Ring

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To the Pure All Things are Pure (Fidelity)

I like to repost my comments here that I posted on other blogs.   Here’s a recent comment I put up on Doug Wilson’s Blog and Mablog.  [Of course, I am just an average Joe commenter; this does not imply approval by said blog] [Click to see the original post upon which I am commenting]


In a recent conversation another Christian mentioned to me the idea of purity rings, and that some were very expensive ($399). I replied that we all as Christians had been given a free and more valuable purity ring – our baptism. It is a symbol of covenant.

We are covenanted with God and the external wedding ring is baptism (internally it’s the Spirit – the arabon).

Our marriages as humans, picture our marriage with God, the marriage we pledged in our baptisms to uphold. We must uphold our human marriages, because in our baptism we said we would be faithful to God. We must display what we have – faithful life in community.

Anyway, I am pleased to see baptism as a grounds for calling ALL Christians to holiness. Paul, of course does the exact same thing in Romans 6.

I mean, since we must be faithful to God, we must display the same kind of faithfulness in Marriage, and therefore, baptism requires faithfulness in BOTH relationships.


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